Know the contracts you are signing.

  • Are you buying a house and looking for an interpreter for a notary appointment?
  • Do you want to draw up a marriage contract, but not all parties are sufficiently proficient in German?
  • You are not sure where to find a suitable interpreter?

Notardolmetscher Stuttgart are your qualified partners for notary appointments in the Stuttgart region. With trained interpreters at your side, all parties benefit in the conversation. We guarantee confidentiality and legal certainty.

Work with qualified interpreters to prevent risks in concluding a successful contract and to save follow-up costs.

Work with friendly partners who know from experience what notary appointments are all about and how they work.

All partners of Notardolmetscher Stuttgart are members of relevant professional associations (BDÜ, VKD) and appear at the appointment themselves. If we are unable to attend the appointment ourselves, we will only refer you to colleagues we would take to a notary appointment ourselves, in the foreign languages English, French and Italian (optional: and will assist you with other languages).

Working shoulder to shoulder with notaries, we prepare specifically for the notary appointment so that a smooth process can be guaranteed. Purchase agreement, land charge, company formation, land register entry, marriage contract, general power of attorney – we know the ropes. 

We look forward to your call!